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                   Cataloguing                   Cultivating                    Cultivating


Our catalogue began in 2018 with about 250 redwoods and currently stands at over 4,500 trees, including Sequoiadendron giganteum (giant), Sequoia sempervirens (coast) and Metasequoia glyptostroboides (dawn). The catalogue continues to grow from a small army of 'spotters' who regularly add to the register. You can join us by contacting us via the website's contact page or find us on Facebook: Scottish Redwood Trust.


The Trust is creating a seed reserve from the 11 documented trees that Matthew first cultivated. These trees will be planted out in new groves at various public locations. Currently we are working with Bannockburn House, near Stirling, and Camperdown Park, Dundee.​


We are working with other environmental groups and communities to campaign and lobby to save endangered trees, including:

  • Save Gillies Hill: The western half of the Gillies Hill, near Stirling, including 5 mature redwoods, are under threat from developers Patersons Quarries. To get involved or make comment find the campaign on Facebook 'Save Gillies Hill'

  • Inchture 'Rossie Priory' Redwoods: the famous redwood avenue at the east end of Inchture in Perthshire, is under threat from an on-going problem with regular flooding and water logging at the root base of the trees. 

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