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                  Campaigning       Conservation       Cultivating       Cataloguing

Campaigning: to protect the redwoods in Scotland.

Conservation: promoting awareness of vulnerable redwoods.

Cultivating: cultivating redwoods from heritage trees, with a specific focus on the Patrick Matthew original trees

Cataloguing: creating the most comprehensive catalogue of redwoods in Scotland.


  • Save Gillies Hill: The western half of the Gillies Hill, near Stirling, including 5 mature redwoods, are under threat from developers Patersons Quarries. To get involved or make comment find the campaign on facebook 'Save Gillies Hill'

  • Inchture 'Rossie Priory' Redwoods: the famous redwood avenue at the east end of Inchture in Perthshire, is under threat from an on-going problem with regular flooding and water logging at the root base of the trees. The Trust is in conversation with Perth and Kinross Council (PKC), PKC Countryside Trust, Tayside Biodiversity Partnership and the local community to endeavour to solve the problems, and if necessary, to raise money to save these trees.


  • 11th September 2021: Redwood Indentification Event at 11am: Camperdown Country Park, Dundee

  • 21st September 2021: Management Committee Meeting 6.30pm via Zoom

  • 7th October 2021: Evening Talk with Ron Levy of Redwood World at 7pm via Zoom:


Ron Levy confesses that he started www.redwoodworld.com as an experiment! As a computer programmer he had wanted to give creating a website a go and one about redwoods sprung to mind. He has no formal training as an arborist or in botany in general, but it was on a day visit to Center Parcs in Longleat Forest where his passion for redwoods started.


He noticed a group of trees that looked intriguingly different. He recalls, it was their ‘huge size, soft bark and peculiar prehistoric look to the branches. That's when the fascination started, and from then on I began to notice them on my travels”. It has to be noted that Longleat Forest is home to 14 giant redwoods and the two tallest redwoods in the UK, as confirmed by the Tree Register of the British Isles.

Redwood World started as a few simple pages linked together is now the most comprehensive record of redwoods in the UK – with around 200 visitors a day!


Thank goodness Ron wasn’t walking passed a glade of yew trees or we'd have www.yewtree.com!


email info@scottishredwoodtrust.com if you would like to attend to be sent the zoom access codes.