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                  Campaigning       Conservation       Cultivating       Cataloguing

  • Campaigning: to protect the redwoods in Scotland.

  • Conservation: promoting awareness of vulnerable redwoods.

  • Cultivating: cultivating redwoods from heritage trees, with a specific focus on the Patrick Matthew original trees

  • Cataloguing: creating the most comprehensive catalogue of redwoods in Scotland.


Save Gillies Hill: The western half of the Gillies Hill, near Stirling, including 5 mature redwoods, are under threat from developers Patersons Quarries. To get involved or make comment find the campaign on facebook 'Save Gillies Hill'

Inchture 'Rossie Priory' Redwoods: the famous redwood avenue at the east end of Inchture in Perthshire, is under threat from an on-going problem with regular flooding and water logging at the root base of the trees. The Trust is in conversation with Perth and Kinross Council (PKC), PKC Countryside Trust, Tayside Biodiversity Partnership and the local community to endeavour to solve the problems, and if necessary, to raise money to save these trees.


  • 23rd March 2021: Open Meeting with Guest Speaker, Martin Gardner MBE, Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh.